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For BachCoffee, quality is not 'controlled,' but 'built.' It is a daily process that involves everyone, and it is an essential part of every phase of production. Quite simply, it is the only way of working we know.           


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  •  Bach Coffee Company is a shining contemporary example of the gourmet specialty coffee industry of Vietnam. Whereas 'traditional' Vietnamese coffee has oil, sugar, and a touch of salt added during the roasting process to produce a very distinctive caramelly taste, Bach coffee is roasted with no other ingredients, more of a "Western" style of roasting. This provides a great alternative for coffee fans who want to enjoy the unique of Vietnamese coffees without the traditional "butter roast" style, and is suitable for vegans.
  • 100% Arabica, Robusta , Peaberry (Culi)  Liberica ( Excelsa)   coffee grown in Lam Dong from Vietnam's basaltic/volcanic soil, which imparts a signature taste profile unlike any other region in the world.
  • Decaf Coffee _Swiss Water Processed : We’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 
  • Speciality White Coffee , is coffee beans that have been slow roasted half of the way, it has WAY more caffeine than regular coffee and a very unusual taste that might take some getting used to.
  • Besides the finest quality Arabica, Robusta, Peaberry ( Culi ) , Liberica ( Excelsa )  coffee beans and artisan roasting, another secret to great tasting coffee is freshness. The shorter the time from the roaster to your cup, the better the coffee tastes. We accomplish maximum freshness by roasting to order, instead of on a production schedule like our competitors and we slow roast our special beans in small batches to ensure they reach optimum flavor .You can smell the difference! Make your coffee as strong or as mild as you like by adjusting the ratio of coffee to water. Bach coffees are always rich, smooth and delicious!


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 The farm is located on Lam Dong Highland  _ is from Vietnam's  basalt soil , which imparts a signature taste profile unlike any other region in the World. 

 Our farm has been creating biodiversity to create highest quality green coffee bean, such as the impact of  elements needed to make coffee trees growth and thrive on an organic basis.

 In addition,  the harvesting process (the rate of ripe is over 95%), using wet , dry , and especially Honey processing, Preserving the green coffee beans  to ensure quality always frech

 We always adhere to the 4C, UTZ .., which is a better crop development program, generating more income for farmers and creating better opportunities for protection environmental and Earth's natural resources.

In addition to tracking the production of coffee, customers can also learn about the origin, roasting location and coffee flavor. For BACHCOFFEE, the cooperation with coffee farmers has also been smooth. In 2019 alone, BACHCOFFEE has carried out relevant cooperation with more than 20 coffee farms.


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